Interdisciplinary Studies

Community Service Program

Michael Smith, Associate Professor and Coordinator

Students at Ithaca College who are interested in exploring social justice and civic engagement by involvement with agencies and groups in the community can enroll in for-credit independent study or internship courses in the community service program. This academic service learning program does not require that students have any specific disciplinary background; in addition, many community agencies assume no prior training and frequently provide their own orientation programs. Students may enroll in these individualized study courses at levels 2, 3, and 4, depending on their background and the type of experience. Faculty sponsorship is required; credit is variable according to the number of hours of work involved. The specific work to be done for credit is determined on an individual basis in the form of a learning contract between the student, the faculty sponsor, and the agency supervisor. For information about how to develop and enroll in a community service course, contact the coordinator of the program, Michael Smith, associate professor, history.

Review the list of community service program courses here:
Community Service Program Courses