ICIC 14000 Character—Developing habits for good

How can we best serve society? By each and every day making choices that do good for others as well as ourselves. The content and development of character are explored through a series of challenging activities and assignments. Tools for examining and intentionally altering patterns of thought and action to better serve society are introduced. Pass/Fail. 1 credit. No prerequisites. LA. (F,S) 

Spring 2014

Instructors: Gordon Rowland & Mead Loop

Monday & Wednesday 4-5:15, Jan. 22 - Feb. 24

CRN 42770

Williams 218


Fall 2013

Instructors: Jason Hamilton & Gordon Rowland

Monday 6:50-9:30, Oct. 21 - Nov. 22

Job 161

CRN 23360


Spring 2013

Instructors: Jason Hamilton & Nancy Menning