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Completing a bachelor’s degree at Ithaca College is done through a mix of hard work and creativity. In your pursuit of progress in any of more than 140 undergraduate majors and minors, you will dream, strategize, and put concepts into action.

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Our bachelor’s degree programs provide you with a solid foundation to become an accountant or actor, historian or health care provider, chemist or cinematographer, psychologist or performer — or so many other things.

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What undergraduate program at IC best suits your passions? Use keywords, phrases, or subject names to navigate the possibilities.

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In every one of IC’s five schools, expert faculty are dedicated to student success. In addition to academic programs, you’ll find dozens of student organizations, events, and career-building opportunities tailored to each school’s programs.
Majors and Minors

Find your niche and explore your side interests in focused bachelor’s degree programs and one-off elective courses alike.

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Develop your expertise alongside industry-leading faculty who have the time, capacity, and passion to invest in your growth.

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Join a community of diverse learners, eager creatives, and collaborative innovators on our dynamic campus.