Academic Calendars

View online to the left.

To save/print web pages for hard copy(Chrome web browser):

  • Select calendar Text. Press CTRL+P.
  • Change the following settings:
    • Destination: Save as PDF
    • Pages: All
    • Layout: Portrait
    • Paper Size: Letter
    • Margins: None
    • Scale: 50 - 65%
    • Options(checked):
      • Background graphics Selection Only
  • Click "Save"

Some notes on our fall and spring calendar:

  1. Registration and grade related deadlines are indicated on the calendar.
  2. No classes on Labor Day.
  3. We have a two-day fall break.
  4. We have a one-week Thanksgiving break.
  5. We have a four-week break between semesters.
  6. No classes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, however this does not come into play every year.
  7. We have a one-week spring break.
  8. Ithaca College has chosen not to have its Commencement on the same weekend as Cornell University, also located in Ithaca NY due to potential accommodation issues.
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