Not Knowing Your Major Isn’t Major

It’s your journey. Choose your path. We’ll walk with you.

Not sure what you want to study in college? It’s time to explore! In Ithaca College’s distinctive Exploratory Program, you can take classes in a variety of fields, receiving guidance and hands-on experience to find the major that’s right for you. Expert faculty and advisors will work closely with you to develop a personal educational plan so that you maximize opportunities to take courses in academic fields of interest to you (some of which you may not yet know exist!) while staying on track to graduate.

IC’s Exploratory Program also offers special resources to help you create a map for the college experiences you want—including extracurriculars, work, research, internships, and study abroad.

Students in the Exploratory Program

Exploratory students account for a significant portion of IC’s incoming class each year, so you’ll have plenty of company.

US Students Change Majors at Least Once

According to the U.S. Department of Education, nearly one-third of all college students in the country change their majors at least once. 

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Explore fearlessly! Choose from 70 majors, 70 minors, and interdisciplinary programs, and combine areas of interest to you.