Faculty and staff listing

  • Jack Powers
    Associate Professor and Chair - Television/Entertainment Industry, Humor and Scripted Programming, Children and Media, Social Effects of Mass Media
  • Karen Armstrong
    Administrative Assistant
  • Steven Gordon
    Associate Professor and Television-Radio Program Director - Film and Television Program Development, Television Production, Scriptwriting
  • Tom Bohn
  • Lauren Britton
  • Assistant Professor
  • Ben Crane
  • Associate Professor - Documentary, Critical Thinking
  • Alex Estabrook
    Assistant Professor - Sports Media
  • Jerry Gambell
    Assistant Professor - Television Studio Production, Video Field Production, Media Writing
  • Raymond Gozzi
    Associate Professor - Metaphor, Language, and Technology
  • Chrissy Guest
    Assistant Professor - Television Production, Live Event Production, Multi-Camera Production, Women in Media
  • Jon Hilton
    Instructor - Audio
  • Gary Ingraham
    Lecturer - Screenwriting
  • Peter Johanns
    Associate Professor - Television Production: Multi Camera Studio Production; Documentary Production
  • Brad Lewter
    Assistant Professor - Special effects and animation
  • Kati Lustyik
    Associate Professor - International Communication, Television Studies, Children and Media
  • Maria Mejia Yepes
    Assistant Professor - Audio Production
  • Barbara L. Morgenstern
    Associate Professor - Television-Radio, Legal Studies
  • Devan Rosen
    Professor  Emerging Media, impact of social / mobile media
  • Will Russell
    Lecturer - Audio production
  • John Scott
    Associate Professor and Documentary Studies Program Director - documentary and fiction production
  • Stephen Tropiano
    Professor and Director of the Los Angeles program - critical TV/ film studies; gay and lesbian issues in media
  • Gossa Tsegaye
    Assistant Professor - Television Production
  • Mara Alper
    Retired Associate Professor - Media Arts: Video Production, Post-Production, Motion Graphics
  • Tom Nicholson
    Retired Associate Professor - documentary and field production
  • Megan Roberts
    Retired Associate Professor - Media Art
  • John Rosenbaum
    Retired Associate Professor - International Communication
  • Gordon C. Webb
    Retired Assistant Professor - Photography...Audio/Video Production... Scriptwriting... the work of television writer Rod Serling
  • Wenmouth Williams
    Retired Professor - Issues related to the First Amendment and the mass media