Policy Acceptance

Members of the Ithaca College community must agree to abide by and be knowledgeable of certain policies for the good of the college. Failure to comply with these policies can be cause for disciplinary or judicial action. Other policies and laws govern behavior on campus. In general, if you wouldn't do something in the "real" world, don't do it in the "digital" world.

Data Backup Policy

Regular data backups are done on Ithaca College systems by IT for disaster recovery purposes only. This includes the email system and the data file system. Full backups of email and other data files are held only for a brief period of time, typically no more than one month.

Data Recovery Practice

At times IT receives individual requests to restore email and/or data stored on the network file storage systems. IT will try to honor these requests but can not guarantee that it will be possible.

Email Recovery

  • All users have the ability to recover deleted email messages for up to 14 days after deletion
  • For an additional 14 days, IT can attempt email recovery for faculty and staff with the approval of the requestor's supervisor.

Individual File Recovery

For faculty and staff file restore requests, IT will do what we can as quickly as practicable but can not guarantee the outcome.