2019 Startup Idea Demo Day


November 10th:  Deadline to apply  
November 12th: Startup Idea Audition Day - BUS 301 beginning at 4:30pm
November 14th-17th: Mandatory 1-on-1 presentation coaching for all teams with a member of entrepreneurship faculty.

November 19th: Startup Idea Demo Day - Rev: Startup Works in downtown Ithaca (314 E. State Street)

Participation Rules

• Open to all current Ithaca College students 
• No entry fee 
• An idea can be submitted by an individual or a team, but all team members must be current Ithaca College students 
• Only one entry per team 
• A person can only be on one team 
• All applicants will be invited to pitch on November 13th's Startup Idea Audition Day 
• Top 12 teams will be invited to pitch on November 19th's Startup Idea Demo Day 

Presentation Information

 4 minute presentation of your idea 
• 4 minutes of questions from reviewing panel 
• A/V, Powerpoint, props, samples, etc are all allowed, but not required 
• Panel will consist of experienced entrepreneurs 


• $5,000 available to help your idea grow - to be shared among 12 teams 
• Must make case for why a portion of the funds should go to your company 
• Funds must go towards advancing your idea 
• Reimbursements and/or invoices, not cash awards 
• Panel will determine distribution amounts based on each team's pitch and ask 


For any questions, please contact: Ana Coulibaly  at acoulibaly@ithaca.edu or Brad Treat at btreat@ithaca.edu