Maura Benner '19 • Health Sciences

Maura Benner

The opportunities I was afforded at Ithaca College were endless. I gained valuable research skills, a strong background in healthcare, and real-world career experience. Most importantly, I was challenged to reach outside my comfort zone and pursue opportunities I wouldn’t have thought possible for me. If someone told “freshman me” everything I would accomplish by senior year, I wouldn’t have believed it. The friendships, memories, and connections I made on this campus will be with me for the rest of my life, and I am so grateful to Ithaca College for these experiences. 

Amanda Quach '19 • Therapeutic Recreation

Amanda Quach

The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies made me feel valued as a student. The strong sense of community within the department allowed me to make lifelong friends within my major. I received valuable hands-on experience working as a student clinician with stroke survivors and presenting research at the New York State Recreation and Park Society (NYSRPS) and New York State Therapeutic Recreation (NYSTR) Association 2019 REC Summit in Lake Placid, NY. Because of the education in therapeutic recreation I received, I was able to enter the workforce confident in my experiences and the knowledge that I gained. 

Madeline Horowitz '19 • Health & Physical Education (Teaching)

Madeline Horowitz

Some of my most memorable experiences at Ithaca College were always surrounded by the ability to empower, inspire, and advocate for mental health. My freshman year I joined Active Minds, a collegiate organization with chapters all around the country aimed to stop the stigma surrounding mental health. I jumped into action by running for “Speak Your Mind” co-chair my sophomore year. When I was elected to this position, I was able to organize panels to open the conversation surrounding mental illnesses to directly address stigma within the campus community. This was a huge, first step in my advocacy throughout college and something I will never forget.

Tony Cosby '19 • Athletic Training

Anthony Cosby

At Ithaca College I had incredible opportunities to develop as a student, clinician, and as a person. I had the pleasure of working with incredible faculty and staff members in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, and the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity to integrate my passions for athletic training, Spanish, and social justice across multiple projects. I can say without a doubt that I grew tremendously during my four years at IC and am now ready to be a clinician who helps to advance the athletic training profession.

I am currently a graduate assistant and master’s degree student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Layla Adler '19 • Exercise Science

Layla Adler

My mother and father were both professional ballet dancers and instructors, so from the time I could walk, I was in ballet class. Sometimes, my mother would bring her pop-up anatomy books to class and would give lessons about the human body—how it worked, what it could do, and why we were able to dance the way we did. These sessions always fascinated me, and I was eager to learn all about the body and what it took to make it healthy and well. Years later, my passion for dance, the human body, and health led me to the pursuit of a degree in exercise science with a medical science concentration. Now that I've graduated from Ithaca College, I plan to attend medical school.

Hana Motoki '19 • Occupational Therapy

Hana Motoki

At Ithaca College, I found my passion for research. Learning to work with others, finding ways to gather information, and hearing people’s stories—it was fascinating! As a first-generation college student, I know that I would not have found my interests without the support of my parents. Through the FIRST LOOK program, I met other first-generation college students, just like me, with similar experiences. I also found that being a peer transition ambassador for incoming freshmen to be rewarding and empowering as it created a community of support to help understand the challenges that college brings.

Riley Corcoran '19 • Speech-Language Pathology

Riley Corcoran

Ithaca College provided me with vast learning opportunities to grow myself as a developing professional and individual. Through my clinical experiences in the Sir Alexander Ewing–Ithaca College Speech and Hearing Clinic, I developed the skills necessary to be an ethical, innovative, and patient-centered clinician. I would not be where I am today without the support, challenge, and guidance of the speech-language pathology faculty and staff. I hope to enact change within the field of audiology as I continue my studies at Northwestern University to pursue my doctorate in audiology. 

Tayler Tai '19 • Clinical Health Studies

Tayler Tai '19

Ithaca College provided me with numerous opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills that I learned in the classroom in a practical setting. Through the on-campus clinic, I worked closely with multiple professors in the Department of Physical Therapy to treat patients with a variety of conditions in aquatic, neurologic, and orthopedic settings. Additionally, Ithaca College provided me with the opportunity to help underclassmen with their studies through my role as a teaching assistant. I had the chance to be a teaching assistant for four different classes since my sophomore year. I'm now excited for all the opportunities and experiences that I will have as a graduate student.