PA Patch

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Degree(s) Earned/ Colleges Attended: Bachelor of Science/ Regis College

I want to be a PA primarily because I love healthcare. I don't only want to a PA who provides quality care and contributes to the betterment of patients but as a PA I also want to be an advocate for underrepresented populations. My cultural background allows me to connect on many levels with others with cultural backgrounds. I chose Ithaca College PA Program because it directly aligns with my values as a person which is to have respect and care for all humans while also creating a safe environment that supports their authentic self. I am very passionate about treating everyone with respect and care and treating them like a whole person where everyone is comfortable expressing themselves while also building that sense of unity and trust amongst one another whether it is a classmate, colleague, or patient. Also, because I have lived in Boston my whole life and wanted to be in a new environment to grow personally and professionally. As a PA student, I am looking forward to strengthening my knowledge in medicine and also learning how to a be an exceptional team player. I think participating in team-based learning as a PA student is essential to my critical thinking skills both in the classroom and also in the future in my profession a PA. I look forward to collaborating with my classmates and sharing our thoughts and knowledge with one another to form one great powerful idea or solution. Multiple, thoughts and ideas are always better than one. As a future PA, I am looking forward to is providing quality care to my patients and being a part of their healthcare journey while also building rapport and long-lasting relationships with my patients and ensuring that they feel involved and heard.