IC PA Patch

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hometown: Laredo, Texas

Degree(s) Earned/ Colleges Attended: Bachelor of Science/ University of Texas at San Antonio, Laredo College

I want to be a PA for my future patients, family, and friends. In my past, I was in a position where I was the patient. I want to make people feel the sense of calm and hope I felt when I interacted with the healthcare professionals that took care of me. Ithaca's mission and goal towards equity and inclusion really spoke to me on a personal level. Additionally, the support they provide for their students to succeed is second to none. I seek to learn as much as a can not for a specific test but for the future patients placed under my care. With the guidance of the great faculty and staff I hope to grow and change as an individual. I look forward to help provide positive health and life outcomes to patients. After having some experience and knowledge I plan on playing a part in PA education by precepting or even teaching.