PA Patch

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Queens, NY

Degree(s) Earned/ Colleges Attended: Bachelor of Arts/ Hunter College

I want to be a PA because I want to have a fulfilling career that focuses on the needs of marginalized communities. I desire to advocate for patients that do not have access to proper resources and healthcare. I chose the Ithaca College PA Program because after exploring the program and campus, I envisioned myself here making an impact on low income communities due to resources and tools the schools provides. The program attracted me due to its focus on encouraging students and allowing them to express themselves. As a PA student, I am looking forward to meeting new people in my classes and building lifelong friendships and professional relationships. As a future PA, I hope to carry with me the teachings of Ithaca College’s PA program and explore my new skills and training to provide care to underserved communities in different areas of medicine.