Hello! My name is Holly Perkins and I am a recent graduate of Ithaca College. 

At Ithaca, I majored in Sociology and minored in Outdoor Pursuits. I am originally from Maine where the outdoors was a significant part of my childhood. I discovered the Outdoor Pursuits minor at IC when I heard about the college’s Immersion Semester Program with Outward Bound. I could not believe that Ithaca offered students an opportunity to receive credit for spending a semester in the wilderness! When entering college, I had completed two previous Outward Bound courses and I was thrilled that Outward Bound would be a part of my college experience. 

I absolutely loved the Outdoor Pursuits minor at IC. The professors were incredible, the classes taught me so much, and I was fortunate enough to make lifelong friends through the program. During the spring semester of 2016, I went on the immersion program and got to experience a life-changing semester. With Northwest Outward Bound, we spent the spring trekking in the desert, rock climbing, rafting, mountaineering, becoming wilderness first responders, road tripping up the western coast, and exploring places such as the Three Sisters mountains in Oregon. 

I am now working at Rift Valley Children’s Village in Tanzania as a social work intern. Having volunteered at the children’s village before, it was always a dream of mine to return here for a longer period of time after completing undergrad. Everyday I find myself using the leadership and group process skills that the outdoor pursuits minor taught me. Moving forward, I know that my outdoor pursuits minor will always be extremely useful. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I would love to talk about the minor, Ithaca College, or to answer any questions. Thank you so much! 

Email: hperkin2@ithaca.edu