Hi! My name is Waverly Datner and I am from Havertown, PA. I am an Exercise Science major with a medical emphasis here at IC and I decided to declare a minor in Outdoor Pursuits my Sophomore year. I love science and learning about medicine, but another one of my passions and loves in life is being outdoors and surrounded by excitement and adventure. 

When I heard about the Outdoor Adventure Leadership major, I was amazed by the idea of majoring in something that exciting, but I knew it wasn't practical for what I want to do in my future. So I found that I could minor in Outdoor Pursuits and it was the absolute best decision! I was able to travel to the West Coast for the semester and have the time of my life, completely immersed in nature. I spent time in the dessert, on the river, in the mountains, and in the forest doing things like rock climbing, rafting, hiking, mountaineering, learning life skills, and much, much more. I learned more during that semester than I have in any of my other semesters at IC, and have the experiences and memories of a lifetime!

Contact me with any questions! wdatner@ithaca.edu