Meet our Faculty and Staff

Anthropology Department

  • Jennifer Muller
    Associate Professor and Chair - Bioarchaeology, Trauma-related Morbidity and Mortality, Structural Violence
  • Emily Avera
    Assistant Professor - Cultural / Medical Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Development / Inequality Studies
  • Lisa Corewyn
    Assistant Professor - Biological Anthropology, Primate Behavioral Ecology, Molecular Primatology, Primate Conservation
  • Michael Malpass
    Dana Professor - South American Archaeology
  • David Turkon
    Associate Professor - Southern Africa, Political Ecology, Communities, HIV/AIDS, Refugee Resettlement
  • Julia Yang
    Administrative Assistant

Part-Time Faculty

Anthropologists in Other Departments

  • Paula Turkon
    Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies and Science

Professors Emeriti