Our Focus is on a Diverse Education and Individual Growth

The computing sciences programs at Ithaca College are designed to allow you to  pursue a
diversity of interests.  Ithaca College students pursue a  rich mix of majors, including
music and arts, business, science, and communications – and we encourage our own majors to take
courses, and even to minor, in other areas; we believe that this breadth is vital in creating
well-rounded individuals capable of integrating technical skills into any number of potential career
choices.  Our faculty also reflect this breadth.  They come from academia, government, and
industry, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Within our classrooms you will find a hands-on approach to learning:  Our classes are small and
there is ample opportunity for student-faculty interaction.  Our courses focus not only on the
fundamentals of computing, but also on individual exploration and growth.  Many of our courses
provide the opportunity to work on projects -- often as a member of a team.  In our capstone
Senior Project course, for example, students select a topic of interest and work on projects under the
direction of a faculty member.  Past projects have ranged from applied (implementing a business
intelligence dashboard for the current capital campaign managed by the College’s Development
Office) to research (exploring virtual reality as a therapy tool in collaboration with faculty from the
Occupational Therapy Department.