Feedback from our Faculty Mentors is enthusiastic!

"I really enjoyed working closely with one student, in a way that is difficult to do during the semester, even when doing an independent study. It was so beneficial to foster a relationship with her outside of the hustle of the academic year. "
- a faculty member in the social sciences

"It was great to have the opportunity to work with {my Scholar} on this exciting content and to talk in new ways with him (as a young scholar) about content that I (as an older scholar) had become somewhat accustomed to reading about."
- a faculty member in the humanities

"I felt inspired by both of my Scholars. There were things about working with each them that inspired my own work. One of them even inspired me to design a new painting class that addresses {the area she was exploring in her own work over the summer}."
- a faculty member in the creative arts

"Watching [the Scholar’s] growth, and watching her discomfort with not being able to control the research process and the answers that the data provide. Watching this give way to an acceptance that this IS the research process - and to be open to it."
a faculty member in the behavioral sciences

"I actually liked best the interactions with other Scholars and Mentors in our various workshops. Those exchanges were delightful and informative - took me into areas (like painting and psychology) that are much less familiar than textual study."
- a faculty member in the humanities

"I think everything worked out very well for me and my students. There was great support available. I appreciate everyone who organized these events. I am glad there is such wonderful organization and getting better every year."
- a faculty member in mathematics