Meet This Year's Presenters & Participants

Derek Adams

Associate Professor of American and African-American literature at Ithaca College.

Dr. Aloja Airewele

Program Leader, Energy Warriors, Cornell Coop Extension: Community leader, Storyteller and my major focus is the Oral narrative traditions of the Esan people from Mid-Western Nigeria. I also play percussion and teach drums. Contact: aaa247@cornell.edu

Doug Anderson

Doug is on the faculty of the English Department at Caldwell University, where he teaches courses in American literature as well as themed courses such as “Literature and Diversity” and “Work and Working-Class Life in Literature.”  Recently, he developed a new course titled “Refugee Crisis in World Literature,” which he is teaching for the first time this semester. anderson@caldwell.edu

Pamela Ameigh

Acquisitions Specialist, Ithaca College Library. I earned my Master's degree in elementary education, but have been working in academic libraries for over 15 years. I've long considered school or public libraries as a potential "retirement gig;" my interests are too varied to easily categorize, and I consider myself a lifelong learner/educator. pameigh@ithaca.edu

Dr. Christiana Ares-Christian

Adjunct Professor of English, Southern New Hampshire University. My research is in popular culture and ethnic studies, specifically contemporary Asian American and African American literature. cpatrice.areschristian@gmail.com

Kelly Auricchio

Undergrad student at Ithaca College. I am a double major in Writing and English. I enjoy writing fiction and memoir and hope to go into publishing in the future.

Kate Bennett

YA Librarian, J.V. Fletcher Library Westford, MA. I work with teens and tweens in grades 5-12 and my academic focus is on nonfiction for children and teens. kbennett@westfordma.gov.

Matthew Bergeron

Student at St. Lawrence University. I am an English and religious studies double major with an interest in fictional religions and how religion is presented in popular culture. mtberg15@stlawu.edu

Elizabeth Bleicher

Associate Professor of English and the creator and administrator of a paradigm-shifting Exploratory Students program at Ithaca College.  She is both a scholar of Victorian Literature and a pedagogical innovator pioneering new forms of student-created curricula.

Tenaja Smith Butler

Undergraduate Student, SUNY Oswego. My capstone research is focused on bat activity in apple orchards around Oswego County. I'm interested in literature written by and featuring women of color.

Clay Chiment

Librarian, Ulysses Philomathic Library – Trumansburg. As a librarian and anthropologist, I focus on building bridges between communities and opportunities in a way that is fun as well as functional.  As a human, geek, parent, and cosplay enthusiast I focus on building my own bridges to unexpected opportunities. librarian@trumansburglibrary.org

Kaitlyn Dennehy

Student, Ithaca College. I’m an English and Writing double major, I’m interested in LGBTQ+ studies and queer animation. kdennehy@ithaca.edu

Heidi Eckerson

Librarian at Durland Alternatives Library on the Cornell campus.  Never heard of it?  Ask me about it!  I taught American history for over a decade.  Currently, my focus is on health science literacy (I am a massage therapist and taught kinesiology.) Next month I am co-hosting a Movement-based book club at TCPL. 

Cady Fontana

MLS, BFA in Fiber Art. Makerspace Librarian at Tompkins County Public Library. I organize and develop a busy Makerspace, encouraging creative connections, access, and skill building. cfontana@tcpl.org

Heather Freeman

Asst. Professor of English, Florida Polytechnic University. My research is in television studies and Victorian literature, but I mostly teach composition and science fiction/blended genre courses.

Julie Fromer

Lecturer in English, Ithaca College.  I teach Vampire Lit, Gothic and Detective Lit, and Fairy Tales, and my research is in 19th Century British fiction.  I’m interested in consumption--of food, tea, tobacco, and pop culture, both Victorian and contemporary.  jfromer@ithaca.edu.

Nivair H. Gabriel

Independent scholar & children's book editor, Simmons and MIT alum. My research is mostly in fantasy, particularly young adult, which I also write; I've taught writing and worked for Sirens, a conference for women in fantasy literature. nivair@alum.mit.edu

Sharona Ginsberg

Learning Technologies Librarian, SUNY Oswego. I do work and research on makerspaces, as well as other ways libraries, technology, and learning intersect. I'm interested in speculative fiction and graphic novels of all types, especially those including and written by marginalized people, especially LGBTQIA+ individuals. sharona.ginsberg@oswego.edu

Stacy Graber

Associate Professor of English, Youngstown State University.  Areas of research interest include pedagogy, popular culture, and critical theory, and courses taught include secondary methods of teaching English, young adult literature, creative writing, and composition. sgraber@ysu.edu

Olivia Grondin

I am studying Industrial and Labor Relations and will be working at Bloomingdale's in the Executive Development Program after graduation. liv.grondin@gmail.com

Kelly Hallisy

Social Sciences Librarian, Ithaca College. My research is in Information Literacy: i.e. I teach college students how to do research and think about information. khallisy@ithaca.edu

Naomi Hanson

Student, Ithaca College. My research is in female pirates, along with research interests in crime, women's history, Irish and Russian history. nhanson@ithaca.edu

Alvin J. Henry

Assistant Professor of English, St. Lawrence University. My research explores queer black flesh and women of color myth-making. I teach courses on Afrofuturism, Queer Modernisms, and Critical Race Theory. ahenry@stlawu.edu

Logan Henry

Student, Mansfield University. My research interests include feminist and racial theory. henrylm25@mansfield.edu

Sappho Hocker

Independent scholar, Cornell University. I am a research assistant at Cornell and my independent work focuses on queer studies and media representation. Hsappho@gmail.com

Gretchen Hohmeyer

Dual Masters Degree Candidate MA Children's Literature and MLS Library Science, Simmons University. I currently work as a youth services librarian in Western MA, and my research focused on young adult literature and the publishing industry; I also run a booktube channel called Betwixt the Books. hohmeyer@simmons.edu.

Cassandra Hunter

Clerk @ Sidney Memorial Public Library. Teen Programmer/Coordinator & Adult Programs. si.cassandra@4cls.org

Julia Hurlburt

English undergrad student, Ithaca College. I have an interest in early 1900’s romance novels and Rocky Horror/cult movies. jhurlburt@ithaca.edu

John Jacobson

Freelance editor for Carina Press; they edit and publish romance novels that feature marginalized voices reclaiming their happy endings.

Elizabeth Johnston

Professor of English, Monroe Community College (Rochester, NY). My primary fields of scholarship are 18th Century British Literature, Gender Studies, and Popular Culture, with particular attention to themes of female rivalry, maternity, and monstrosity. I also enjoy writing poetry and humor pieces and am a founding member of the 4-woman collective, Straw Mat Writers. ejohnston@monroecc.edu

Kara Jorgensen

Adjunct English Professor, Caldwell University. I teach composition and creative writing, and I'm also the author of six historical-fantasy novels. My email is authorkarajorgensen@gmail.com.

Rachel Katz

Independent Scholar, Geomatics Specialist. I co-host TheAvod, a podcast about genre film, and am the founder and co-editor of the Women in Horror Annual, an anthology of horror fiction and nonfiction authored by women. c.rachelkatz@gmail.com

Sloane Kazim

Independent Scholar, Ithaca College Graduate. My research interests are at a cross of fandom studies, queer studies, and gender studies. I have been focusing on video games recently as a site for these critical theories. sloanekazim@gmail.com

Laken Kelly

Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University. My main areas of interest are in Education, Community Relations, and Athletics, and I hope to use my platform in order to bring to light the important connections between these three realms. lfk46@cornell.edu

Katharine Kittredge

Professor of English at Ithaca College.  My research is in early children’s literature, and I teach graphic novels, science fiction, children’s literature and women’s/gender studies courses; I am a coordinator for ITHACON, Ithaca’s long-running comic book convention.

Kerry Kraemer

Graduate Student, University of St. Thomas. I graduated this past December with an MA in English focusing on Indigenous Futurisms and Literature by Women. Other areas of interest and research are Women's Protests and Ephemera of the 20th Century, Women and the Horror Genre, and the works of Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft. kraemerkerry@gmail.com

Nicole Kubishta

Student, St. Lawrence University. My research interest is in the intersection of literature and/or religion with popular culture.

Anna Lawrence

Teen Librarian, Boston Public Library. My area of interest and research in my field is providing services for underserved youth, such as pregnant and parenting teens, homeless and housing insecure youth, queer youth, and incarcerated youth. I teach bibliographic instruction, career skills, and some life skills. annakathleen3@gmail.com

Ashlynn Lee

Undergraduate, Cornell University. I am a junior studying government with a passion for popular culture, law, and politics. aml436@cornell.edu

Mary Lindroth

Professor of English, Caldwell University. My research is in early modern drama, but I teach a variety of subjects, including performance, literature and the arts, and women's studies classes. mlindrot@caldwell.edu

Meredith M. Malburne-Wade

Assistant Professor of English and Founding Director of the Office of Fellowships and Awards, High Point University.  My research is in 20th and 21st Century American Literature and Drama, but I teach modern/contemporary American Literature, interdisciplinary Honors courses, magical realism and monsters.  I mentor students applying for competitive awards such as the Rhodes Scholarship and Fulbright.

Sarah Melesse

Student of Biological Sciences, Cornell University. My focus of interest in my field is neurobiology. sdm228@cornell.edu

Christopher Matusiak

Associate Professor of English, Ithaca College. I primarily teach Shakespeare and the literature of his contemporaries though my interests, more broadly, include modern horror fiction, contemporary philosophy, and visual art. 

Elissa Myers

Doctoral Candidate at the Graduate Center, CUNY. My research is on crafting and periodical-making forms of resistance for nineteenth century girls. I teach literature courses that fulfill general requirements and composition courses, which I usually organize around themes related to gender and genre. elissam1330@gmail.com

Luca Maurer

Director of the Center for LGBT Education, Outreach & Services at Ithaca College.

Jaimee D. Nadzan

Graduate student, Monmouth University. My research is in cultural studies, but I enjoy researching all things pop-culture. I also write for a culture and entertainment website for their comics and books sections. jdnadzan@gmail.com

Kristina Nemeth

Undergraduate Student at Cornell University. kan57@cornell.edu

Nia Nunn

Associate Professor in the Department of Education, Ithaca College. Her research centers on black girl liberation, emancipatory learning, and broader anti-racist work. Nnunn@ithaca.edu

Isabella Oliverio

Student, Class of 2021, Ithaca College. My educational focus is on Television, while concentrating in production, entertainment law, and English. ioliverio@ithaca.edu

Erica Otis

Student, Ithaca College. Currently a Writing for Film, TV, and Emerging Media major with a minor in Spanish Translation.

Kate Payne

Electronic Resources & Serials Coordinator, Ithaca College. I have my Masters in Library Science and am considering returning to school to renew my School Library Media Specialist certification.

Claire Virginia Pitcairn

Student, Ithaca College. I'm an undergrad in English and Education major with a minor in Spanish. I enjoy literature from the 17th-19th centuries as well as YA lit, and I have an interest in horror films and videogames. cpitcairn@ithaca.edu

Jacqueline Quach

Senior English major and film studies minor at Cornell University. She can be reached at jq64@cornell.edu.

Angelina (Nina) Randazzo

Student, Ithaca College. I am majoring in English, with minors in honors, education, and women and gender studies. I am interested in children and YA literature, fantasy, fairy tales, and graphic novels. arandazzo@ithaca.edu

Carolyn Rennie

Ithaca College graduate (class of 2013) and J.D. Candidate at the University of Connecticut School of Law (expected May 2020). When not swamped with law school, I continue my research on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, which includes an undergraduate Honors seminar at Ithaca College, an examination of the depiction of bullying in the series, and, most recently, a critique of J.K. Rowling's status as a public figure. rennie.carolyn@gmail.com

Sophie L. Riemenschneider

PhD Candidate, City University of New York. My research is on trauma and memory studies, especially literature of 9/11, and I also teach comics, autobiography, and women’s and gender studies. sophie.riemenschneider@gmail.com

Suzanne Richardson

Assistant Professor of English, Utica College. my areas of study are, creative nonfiction, poetry, fiction, as well as studies in horror, addiction, and true crime literature. I teach creative writing and introductory literature courses. I am currently co-director of the Jackson Lunch Hour Reading Series at Utica College and the guest CNF editor at Stone Canoe literary journal. suzanneroserich@gmail.com

Abigail Rogers

student, Ithaca College. I am an English major with experience in women's studies and pop culture. arogers4@ithaca.edu.

Robyn L. Rosen

Professor of History, Marist College. My research is on the history of the birth control and abortion rights movement. I teach classes in modern U.S. history, the history of feminism, masculinity, the Black Freedom Struggle, and, when our schedules permit, I team-teach a speculative fiction course with my colleague in the English Department. robyn.rosen@marist.edu

Alyssa Rodriguez

10th Grade English teacher at the Women’s Academy of Excellence in the Bronx, NY and a grad student at CUNY Lehman College pursuing a MSEd in Middle and High School Education. Her interests focus on feminism in popular media, especially popular fantasy,  and hopes to bring that interest to her students in the coming years. arodriguez@thewae.org

Elizabeth Sharp

Undergraduate, Cornell University ’20. I study psychology and my research interest is in the neurochemistry of psychopathology. I am also the art editor and a writer for a campus humor magazine.

Brandon Smith

Undergraduate, Cornell University. My research interest is primarily 20th century American literature. bs599@cornell.edu.

Sabrina Sugano

Undergraduate student at Cornell University. My interests and activities are in gender-based activism, in particular sexual violence prevention. sks247@cornell.edu.

Kerri Stuart

Grad student at Southern New Hampshire University and high school English teacher. My interest is in gender in literature, particularly feminist criticism. I enjoy studying this in both children's literature and in eighteenth century British Literature. kmstuart86@gmail.com

Lauren Suna

Undergraduate, Ithaca College. I am studying Emerging Media at Ithaca College with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction and Social Computing. In my free time, I work as the Immersive Technology Specialist at Ithaca College Information Technology, play club Quidditch, make maple syrup with South Hill Forest Products, and play music and games.

Jules Talbot

Undergraduate Student, New York University. My main interests are Shakespeare and comic art; currently, I'm illustrating a Hamlet graphic novel. jct459@nyu.edu.

Alayna Vander Veer

Undergraduate, department of English, Ithaca College. I have done research on the Sento Bishojo in Japanese anime, and I am also interested in researching child fighters in pop culture. avanderveer@ithaca.edu.

Chloe West

Independent Scholar, high school teacher at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, VT. Chloe received their BA from Skidmore College in 2013 and went on to earn their MA in Victorian literature with a specialization in the Gothic, Vampire Literature, and embodiment theory from SUNY Buffalo in 2015 and their MAT in secondary education from SUNY New Paltz in 2017. They currently live with their wife and four dogs in Vermont. chloe.west@svsu.org

Rachel M. E. Wolfe

Assistant Professor of Theatre, Utica College. My primary research interest is in the adaptation of plays across time and culture, with a special focus on Greek tragedy; in addition, I am an active theatre director and dramaturg. rmwolfe@utica.edu

Laura Wright

Professor of English, Western Carolina University. I specialize in postcolonial literatures, ecocriticism, animal studies, and food studies; I am the founder of the field of Vegan Studies.

Peyton Mckenzie Young

Grad student of Winthrop University English department. My research interests lie in feminist pop culture and afrofuturism. youngp6@winthrop.edu

Andy Yzaguirre

Undergraduate in English, Ithaca College. My research is in children's literature and graphic novels with a focus on webcomics and how they drive forward a diverse storytelling world.