Nationwide, the entering medical school class of 2019 had a mean science GPA of 3.66 and a mean overall GPA of 3.74. In the other professions, due to the smaller number of applicants for the positions open, a 3.3 average or better is usually necessary. There are specific admissions tests required for entrance to most of these professional schools, and the scores on these tests are also very important. Finally, a letter of recommendation from the Premedical Sciences Advisory Committee is required. Since the number of applicants to professional schools is large, many of the medical science professional schools are now looking first at the cumulative GPA for the initial screening and also at the overall science GPA. Therefore, one's achievements during the first three years of college are most important, along with evidence of proficiency in science.

AAMC FACTS: MCAT and GPAs for Applicants and Matriculants to U.S. Medical Schools by Primary Undergraduate Major, 2019

Applied = 53,371
Accepted = 21,869 (41%)

Science GPA: 3.48 all applicants, 3.66 accepted applicants
Overall GPA: 3.58 all applicants, 3.74 accepted applicants
MCAT: 506 all applicants, 511 accepted applicants

The IC Health Professions Advisory Committee advises each student to have an alternative career or course of study in mind, since there are many more qualified applicants to these professional schools than can be accepted. Rejection does not necessarily mean one is not qualified, and highly motivated and qualified students may reapply and may be accepted upon reapplication.

The IC Committee brings occasional speakers during the academic year to acquaint the students with the various fields within the health professions and with information about the application process. Students should actively seek to become aware of all the medical professions, para-medical professions and allied health fields. To assist them in this process, students have access to medical school information in the Lucille A. Schmieder Premedical Advising Center in 176 Center for Natural Sciences.

The success of students from Ithaca College gaining admission to professional schools has been excellent. This means, however, that the student must first meet the above criteria. Some students choose to apply with less than the suggested GPA and admission test scores, but the outlook for their acceptance is bleak. This situation exists no matter which undergraduate school the student attends.