What if I’m not ready to go straight to medical/dental/vet/PA/etc school after graduation?

The average age of the entering medical student is approximately 24 years old, moving closer to 25. The age statistics are similar for other health care careers. That means that many students don’t got straight to graduate or professional school, but spend a year or two working, taking classes, volunteering, or exploring the world before embarking on their health care career. It typically takes many years to complete your health care training, so if you’re not ready yet, by all means wait until you are truly ready.

What if I don’t apply to schools until after I leave IC? Will the committee still write a letter of recommendation?

Absolutely. We ask that students planning to go on to medical school at some point in the future interview with the committee their Senior year. We will generate a letter of recommendation and keep it on file until you are ready to apply. When you do begin the application process, contact the Health Professions Advisor to update them on what you’ve done since graduation. The Advisor will then update your letter and send it to medical schools at your request.