Virtual Audition Tips

We are excited to welcome you to IC's virtual audition day! Here are a few tips and frequently asked questions to help you with your experience!

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Tip #1: Before your audition day, make sure you have installed/updated Zoom. For more information, please see here

Tip #2: Just as we would suggest before a typical audition day, we recommend setting up a mock audition to simulate the experience of a virtual audition. Ask a teacher, family member, or friend to listen to you play over Zoom to give you feedback about the audio quality. This will make you feel more prepared for the audition day!

Tip #3: Audition Etiquette: While this is a formal audition, at IC we make sure that the auditions and interviews are a friendly, welcoming process. You will be able to meet current IC students, faculty, and staff throughout the day. When it is your audition or interview time and you enter the Zoom room, please make sure that you can hear the faculty and that the faculty can hear you clearly before you begin. You are allowed (and encouraged) to greet the faculty in your audition room once you enter.

Tip #4: During your audition, please note that you may be asked to back up slightly from the camera so that faculty can see your hand position/posture during the audition. 

Tip #5: At your audition, remember that the faculty all want you to succeed. They are excited to meet you and they want you to do your very best. 

What happens if my internet connection is lost?
If you experience problems with your connection, please just get in touch with us as soon as you are able to by contacting We will be able to reschedule you to a different time slot or to another day if necessary.

What if I am having trouble in the Zoom room with audio?
If you have any issues, contact one of the student workers or a staff member through AuditionRoom or by contacting us at We will be able to assist!

Can I change my audition/interview/sightsinging time?
We will allow any students to change their audition slots until one week before the audition. 

For the best audio quality during your Zoom audition, we recommend taking a look at this page to change your audio settings. 

The SRT interview will include a listening component. We will use a high-fidelity audio streaming system to play some recorded music for you and ask for some thoughts and critique. The only thing we ask you do to prepare for this is to ensure that you have a reliable listening environment. Here are some pointers:

- Use a laptop or desktop computer rather than a tablet or phone. We will be using a browser-based interface for audio streaming. Google Chrome or Firefox work best. A link will be provided to you during our meeting.

- Secure a quiet environment for your interview. You will want to be free from excessive background noise in your room so you can hear clearly.

- Optimize your internet connection for speed and stability. If you are able to position your computer close to your router or – better yet – use a wired connection, please do so. Google “internet speed test” to check for a fast connection. A consistent connection of at least 10 Mbps download will work best.

- Have headphones ready to go. Laptop/desktop speakers will not provide the frequency response or stereo imaging necessary. The exact model of headphone is not important, but they should be of a good quality and in good working order. Full-sized over-the-ear models are typically preferable to earbuds, but it is most important that you choose something that sounds familiar to you. We recommend wearing your headphones them from the start of the meeting.

- Test your audio system in Zoom before the meeting. No special microphone is required.

If you have any further questions, please contact Michael Caporizzo at

Applicant Support

For more resources, please take a look at the following provided by the team at GetAcceptd.