Audition & Interview FAQ

Interview & Audition FAQ

Click on the the "Academic Programs" link in the sidebar menu. Choose the major you are interested in. The links include information on each program.

All technical support for your Pre-Screen Application is provided by Acceptd.  There is a green help button feature on the lower right-hand side of every page. 

Yes. When you complete your Acceptd profile, be sure to answer "yes" to the question "Would you be interested in being considered for a theatre arts major other than your first choice?" Then you will be prompted to select "Acting" or one of our other degree programs as an alternate program.

Many applicants will not be advanced to the audition phase based on their singing pre-screens, but may instead be invited to audition for the B.F.A. acting major based on the strength of their monologues, even if they did not indicate an interest.

You do not have to complete two separate profiles or uploads to be considered for both acting and musical theatre.

It is most important to us that you take care to recover fully from your current injury. We still ask you to upload some form of our prescreen dance combination video, modifying the beginner level to whatever makes sense to protect your injury. (That could mean marking or eliminating turns, removing leaps, or even doing movements with just your upper body from a chair or seated position.) Please don’t do any move that may jeopardize your recovery. We respect the attempt to upload anything that works. If you choose you may upload an additional dance video (if you have one) from prior to your injury, still respecting the time limit for uploads.

We hold auditions and interviews in Ithaca, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. For a complete list of dates, times, and schedules, please visit our location and schedule page.

We strongly recommend you do not make another audition appointment on the same morning or afternoon of your scheduled block time with Ithaca College. Do not double-book yourself. You will need to check-in, be present for our group orientation, and then participate in our warm-up/group exercises or major-specific orientation before we begin conducting individual auditions/interviews. In Chicago and Los Angeles, we will work with you on site to accommodate any other auditions or interviews you may have scheduled, as long as you attend our orientations and warm-up/group exercises, since the schools are all in close proximity to each other. See our location and schedule page for a complete schedule of each session.

If you must double-book yourself, please do not sign up for an audition for another school at the same time if they also require a "block" audition, as they tend to be less flexible. Other auditions/interviews that require your presence for 10-60 minutes work well, as long as they begin after our orientations and/or warm-ups are completed. 

We see students in the order that they submitted their applications in Acceptd. If you submit as soon as you can in September, you'll probably go first or close to the top within your degree program, but if you wait until 4:59 p.m. on December 1st, you'll probably go last in your session. We'll give you a complete line-up during your Orientation session so you can gauge your audition or interview time, and we will work with you if you have another audition or interview to attend.

Nope! Paperwork is built into the check-in period and is very simple (for the acting and musical theatre degrees, writing your name, songs and monologues on 2-4 sheets of paper. For everyone else, it's just checking in!). Everything else we need is already in Acceptd. We will be ready to check you in at 8:00 (we know some of you are early birds and like to show up on the dot!), but if you get there at 8:20, there will still be plenty of time to get your paperwork done before Orientation begins.

 First, please know that dance is a very important part of theatre training at Ithaca College. Musical Theatre students are required to enroll in dance classes every semester they are in residence, and in most semesters, they are in two dance classes (dancing every day of the week). Acting students have dance requirements in their program, and many take additional dance electives or even declare a dance minor.  We require a dance audition as a part of the BFA in Musical Theatre pre-screening, led by member of our dance faculty, and if you are invited to audition in person, we consider this video portion to be your dance audition. You also have the option to upload an additional dance video according to our guidelines.

Due to the facilities available to us on the road, particularly in Chicago and Los Angeles, we are unable to offer dance calls in all of our audition venues. It would be unfair of us to offer dance calls in Ithaca or in New York, and not offer them everywhere! We'd rather not have a dance call on a carpeted concrete hotel room floor, and often the space available isn't conducive to a safe dance call.

The physical and vocal warm-up, which includes movement exercises and is led by faculty, serve as part of our audition day and provide the faculty with a sense of an applicant’s collaborative spirit and movement skills. 

We prefer that you sing to live accompaniment, and an accompanist is provided at all of our audition sites. Please be sure to bring your sheet music, clearly marked with the cuts.

If you are auditioning in one of our Zoom sessions, you will be asked to provide your own accompaniment. Recorded is fine!

The only audition fee we require is the fee you submitted via Acceptd. We have no fee for our live accompanist.

Just one of each would be great (head shots for performers only -- if you are interviewing, you only need your résumé). Staple your head shot and resume back-to-back. If you are auditioning for musical theatre, please make sure to list your voice type (Bass/Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Soprano, Mezzo, etc.) as well as your vocal range on your résumé.

For information regarding accommodations at Unified Audition locations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, please visit the Unified Auditions website and click on the "accommodations" link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Please be prepared to present the same material that you recorded for your prescreen.

B.F.A. Acting candidates, if possible, we would like to see a 60-second cut of your monologues, instead of the full 90 seconds.

B.F.A. Musical Theatre candidates, we would like to see a 60-second cut of one of your monologues, and both of your songs in a 32-bar cut.

We do not have a cut system at Ithaca College. We have a comprehensive review for instructional purposes to encourage growth and artistic progress based on clearly expressed criteria for the B.F.A. programs. See review process for programs here. Reviews allow ALL the faculty to see EVERY student EACH semester. Here we can provide instruction on areas of growth that are positive, as well as identify areas that need special attention. If, in this process, the faculty determine that a student’s performance does not meet the established criteria or competencies, taking into account the student’s potential, they may place a student on probation to help them to focus their energies. If an area of concern persists, the faculty may remove a student from the B.F.A. program. These circumstances are rare – but do occur, and normally after a student has been given ample feedback and time to address the concerns outlined during probation. 

Yes and no, depending on which program you’re applying to.  If you are interested in the B.F.A. theatrical production & design, B.A. theatre studies, or B.S. in theatre arts management we can arrange for class visits if your schedule allows. If you are interested in the B.F.A. in acting or the B.F.A. in musical theatre we can arrange for a class visit ONLY once you've been accepted into the department. Unfortunately, given the number of requests and applicants for these two degree programs we are unable to accommodate requests prior to acceptance in order to minimize disruption of classes for current students in acting and musical theatre.