Honors Program

The Honors Program will challenge you intellectually, reward your curiosity, and provide opportunities to engage with the world around you. In order to graduate with Ithaca College honors, students must demonstrate by portfolio (the Cursus Honorum) that they have experienced significant involvement in five important areas: academic challenge, global citizenship, cultural engagement, engagement with the scholarly community, and civic engagement. Students will be expected to incorporate into the portfolio artifacts and reflections demonstrating their learning in each area. 


MLK Scholar Program

Through community involvement, Scholars are expected to learn skills that will serve them beyond their undergraduate education: time management, models of leadership and service, organizational and coalition building, the nature of group dynamics, effective strategic activism and the acquisition of resources. These skills and experiences contribute to the overall growth that take place for scholars during their time with the Martin Luther King Scholar Program. 


Park Scholar Program

Park scholars perform a wide range of service activities, from tutoring at area schools, volunteering at Ithaca College’s Family Carnival, and coordinating Ithaca's annual Take Back the Night event. Many even fan out across the country to provide service during Alternative Spring Break.

In addition to committing to specific projects, Park scholars share their communications talents across a variety of partnerships with local organizations. Upper-level Park scholars assume key leadership roles in these collaborations.