Leslie Schettino

Leslie Schettino served as the director of Ithaca College's Office of Student Disability Services. She began her work there in 1994, and in September 1999, started her tenure as director. All who had the pleasure of knowing and working with Leslie know the depth of her commitment to students and her willingness to advocate for those with special needs. Her leadership in this area made a great difference for hundreds of students throughout the years.

Leslie was known for her laughter, her gentle but strong determination, and her love for her family, students, co-workers, and animals, especially her dogs. She lived her life with an open heart and mind. She is greatly missed by all whose lives she touched.

Leslie worked tirelessly to remove barriers that restricted the life choices for disabled people. She viewed disability as a 'social model,' caused more by the way society is organised rather than by a person's impairment or difference. She taught me to self-advocate and to be an advocate for others, and guided me through the confusing maze of accessibility rights and resources. I will always be grateful for her patience, determination, and steadfast dedication.

Marie Battis

I had the privilege of working with Leslie on the Ithaca College website. She helped me learn about and become an advocate for accessibility. Her enthusiasm and kindness were a gift to the College community, and have had lasting effects on my career to this day.

Benjamin Costello