Audrianna Evelyn

Get out of your comfort zone. It's easy to put yourself in a box and limit what you're capable of because you don't have many examples in your family to follow in their lead, so your box becomes smaller and smaller. Remember you are more than capable, and try that thing you think you're not capable of or isn't for you. Also, rely on your community to get you through to the finish line. They're going to be the reason you keep going.

Advice for the Class of 2024


What does being a First-Generation College Graduate mean to you?

Being a first-generation college graduate means being resilient. There have been countless times where I didn't know what direction to take, or what to do. But it was my community of other first-generation students or mentors who helped me find my way. It's a unique experience, but such a transformative one that created relationships experiences to last me for a lifetime.

Ithaca Experiences

What is your proudest moment from your time at Ithaca College?

My proudest moment was getting outside of my comfort and taking positions I never believed I could thrive in, starting with the RA position my sophomore year. That then led to a snowball effect of opportunities that defined the rest of my time at IC. I could proudly say I did everything I wanted to do and more at IC, and I have no regrets leaving and moving on to my next chapter.

Are there any Clubs, Activities, or Involvements that you were a part of at Ithaca College?

Sister 2 Sister, iAP, BOLD Program

Ithaca Experiences

Who are the family members, friends or loved ones who have been most influential throughout your college journey? Are there any words of gratitude you would like to share with them?

My father and grandmother have always been the motivating factor in my academic pursuits, and everyday I strive to be as hardworking and compassionate as they've been my entire life. Ashanté, Avanté and Anyssa have helped to pave the way for me, and they've provided such an amazing example to follow as my older siblings. My friends kept me motivated, and their presence in my life kept me grounded when things became most difficult. I'm so grateful to everyone in my support system, because I wouldn't be where I am without them.

Ithaca Experiences

Who are the staff, faculty or mentors who have been most influential throughout your college journey? Are there any words of gratitude you would like to share with them?

Kelly Dietz was my first mentor at IC, and I'm so grateful for her because I would not be an IC graduate without her support, guidance, and belief in me. Every single faculty member in the Sociology department has had a lasting and impactful influence in my college journey, especially Professor Rebecca Plante who helped to guide me when I was most confused and lost. My supervisors, Ronnie Benion, Yolanda Clarke, Geselle Dominguez and Omega Hollies, helped me to grow as a professional, built my confidence in myself, reminded me what I'm capable of, and provided amazing support to me as a person of color on IC's campus. They served as a consistent example to follow in their lead. I'm so grateful for Sam Bobbe's guidance as a former first generation student and my scholarship director, and she has become a mentor and friend I know I can always rely on.

What do you plan or hope to do now that you have graduated?

I plan to pursue a career in social work, and after a gap year working as a fellow for a NYC non-profit, I plan to go to grad school and receive my MSW, and eventually my DSW. Hopefully, I can provide clinical mental health support to my community for years to come, and eventually teach at a university after a fruitful career.