While this past year brought unprecedented challenges to our institution, it also served to illuminate the collective power of our Ithaca College community to make an impact. You, our alumni and friends, came together to provide critical support to our current and future students, and we stand in awe of the incredible gifts we received over the past year.

These gifts, small and large, have an incredible impact on the future of Ithaca College, and our intention with this report is to demonstrate that impact.

While we acknowledge that as the global pandemic continues to evolve, so does our community. Students returned to campus for the spring 2021 semester under robust safety guidelines to learn from world-class faculty and access incredible, experiential opportunities and invaluable networks of support—the hallmarks of an Ithaca College education since 1892.

In this report, we celebrate you—our alumni, donors, and friends—because it is only through your generosity and partnership that all of this is possible. Each of us in Philanthropy and Engagement is deeply grateful that you have chosen to make Ithaca College a philanthropic priority. Our hope is that, even if you are not currently in a position to make a financial contribution, the stories in this impact report inspire you to join us in supporting the IC experience.

Thank you for all you do to support our amazing community.

Fiscal Year 2020 Highlights

faculty and staff donors

A 67.2% increase from the previous fiscal year

raised in support of the IC experience

This exceeded 101% of our overall IC Annual Fund goalraising a total of $1.6 million

donor-funded scholarships awarded

With a total of $5,343,565 distributed to IC students