Faculty and Staff Giving

Catherine Weidner


As a student in IC’s renowned Department of Theatre Arts, Catherine Weidner ’85 recalls having to work three jobs in order to fund her education. Today, as professor and chair of this same department, Catherine is dedicated to supporting the institution that provided the foundation for her career and has given to scholarship funds that help alleviate theatre arts students’ financial burdens.

“The scholarships are named for teacher and alumni who understand what we do and how demanding it can be,” Catherine says. “Being a student with financial need shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the training we provide.” Catherine also gives to the funds that support faculty when a sabbatical or a professional opportunity creates the need for a guest artist to provide mentorship and content in a specific field.

Through sharing her expertise as an educator, connecting students with networks of support, and making financial contributions that enhance the IC experience, Catherine’s love for and dedication to her alma mater shines through. On the question of legacy, she reflects, “I think a legacy can be achieved in many ways, and helping students and supporting faculty and staff is my way.”

“I feel as though my small financial contribution is symbolic of a bigger commitment through my daily work to do the best I can for the future of theatre arts at IC.”


Hierald Osorto

Hierald Osorto

IC’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life provides members of the Ithaca College community and their partners with space and resources to cultivate a sense of connection and belonging.

Hierald Osorto joined the campus community as director of religious and spiritual life in 2018. “My heart’s calling led me to this community, where we are creating a campus that supports each member as a whole person,” Hierald says. “I truly believe that our work not only sustains the students, staff, and faculty of Ithaca College but also nurtures a more compassionate and empathetic future for the world.”

“My enthusiastic support for the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life Fund flows from my deep gratitude for what we have built together so far, as well as my sense of responsibility for generations to come.”


Mueller Chapel

Hierald is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to build on the strong foundation laid by his predecessors at the institution. “Inheriting the legacy of the Muller family, whose dreams became the wood and stone of Muller Chapel, I want to pass along a sacred space that is truly welcoming to all in our community,” Hierald says.

For Hierald, making gifts in support of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life Fund is a way to demonstrate his passion for his work and the office’s impact on the IC community. “I believe the work of [the Office of] Religious and Spiritual Life is critical for the world we find ourselves in today. To offer respite in the midst of chaos matters. To lend a listening ear when times are difficult matters. To make space for our community to gather in times of joy and in times of struggle matters.”