All enrolled and matriculated students are eligible for medical care at the Hammond Health Center,
regardless of health insurance coverage

Health Center Services covered by your tuition payments

  • Appointments with providers and nurses at the health center
  • X-Ray services performed in our Radiology Department.
  • Lab work¬†processed in the Health Center Lab
  • Prescription medications dispensed from our medication room.

Health Center Services NOT covered by your tuition payments

  • Most immunizations
  • Over the counter medications
  • Products and supplies
  • Laboratory tests that are sent to an outside laboratory
  • Prescription medications that are filled by the outside pharmacy
  • Lab work or x-rays that are ordered by an outside or home provider.

Most insurance will cover these types of charges.
If you bring your insurance card with you to your visit, Hammond Health Center staff will assist you in having these outside providers bill your insurance plan.

For questions regarding charges from Wegmans Pharmacy

Please contact the Wegmans Pharmacy directly at (607) 277-1772.

For additional information