Ithaca Dining Services offers numerous resident dining plan options along with a wide variety of services and specialty stations designed to assist in meeting the requirements of students with special dietary needs. These services are clearly outlined on the Ithaca Dining Services website at: https://ithaca.sodexomyway.com/images/SpecialtyDietonCampus_8-26-14L_tcm103-29281.pdf

Students who follow a special diet and feel that Dining Services isn’t meeting his or her needs are encouraged to contact dine@ithaca.edu to learn more about resources that Dining Services provides. A student may choose to meet with the Registered Dietitian or Executive Chef for a consultation to prepare a plan that can assist with and support a student’s dietary requirements.

The Ithaca College Policy Manual, section states that, “All students residing in College housing facilities (with the exception of apartments in the Quads, College Circle, and Garden Apartments) must participate in the College meal plan.” Note that the Carte Blanche, 14 and 10 meal plans are available for on campus students, the 7 meal plan is reserved for students who live off campus or in the Garden Apartments or College Circle Apartments.

Meal plan exemptions and reductions can only be offered to students with a medical condition resulting in special dietary needs which cannot be accommodated by the offerings provided by Dining Services. All students who seek a medical exemption or reduction need to first contact Ithaca Dining Services at dine@ithaca.edu or by phone at 607-274-1187. Students will not be asked nor should they feel compelled to disclose their diagnosis with Dining Services.

Consultation with Dining Services will focus on meeting the student’s nutritional needs by providing guidance to the wide range of services offered on campus. Following this consultation with Dining Services, any student who feels his or her nutritional needs (based on a medical condition) cannot be met by on campus should obtain an Application for Dietary Accommodation form from Dining Services.

Students seeking a medical accommodation must then submit a completed Application for Dietary Accommodation to the Hammond Health Center Business Office. The Hammond Health Center will then send the student’s application, a description of the services offered by Dining Services, and a “Supporting Documentation for a Dietary Accommodation” form to the student’s health care provider. The documentation request form will ask the provider to make the appropriate recommendations based on the student’s needs and on the services offered by Dining Services. After the Health Center receives the documentation, a final decision will be made.

A medical meal plan exemption or reduction may take 3- 4 weeks to be processed. All applications are subject to reevaluation yearly. A student may be asked to consult with Dining Services at the end of each year to evaluate whether new services put in place by dining might be able to meet the student’s dietary needs.

If a housing accommodation is then needed, the student will then complete a Housing Accommodation Form and submit it to the Student Accessibility Services office.