When Adrienne Smith was six months old, an American family adopted her from Korea. Later, as a sophomore at Ithaca College, she chose to give back to adoptive families by establishing the first college chapter of Jockey Being Family at Ithaca College.

Jockey Being Family is a national organization that funds nonprofits to help assist with critical postadoption services such as enrichment, training, and events for adoptive families. It was started by Debra S. Waller, the CEO and chairman of the Jockey International clothing company—herself an adoptee.

“I believe every child deserves to grow up in a loving family.”

As part of her role, Adrienne has spoken about the organization to local media outlets and on social media. She also plans to meet with local adoption agencies and hopes to assist families in the Ithaca area. Her participation has been covered by People and Women’s Health magazine.

Adrienne has recruited over 100 Ithaca College students to join the Jockey Being Family chapter on campus. One of the organization's first projects was selling JBF bears in the IC bookstore, with half the proceeds going directly to the Jockey Being Family foundation.

Adrienne plans to continue her work with the foundation throughout her future endeavors.

“I believe every child deserves to grow up in a loving family,” Adrienne says. “Jockey Being Family gives me a platform to spread positivity about adoption and inclusion.”