The Twittersphere is full of influencers who share inspiring messages about feminism. Another name has been added to the list: Celisa Calacal. 

As a Filipino American, Celisa started learning about intersectional feminism in college. It's been a huge part of her perspective as opinion editor of The Ithacan.  

“Sometimes feminist issues, like reproductive rights or equal pay, forget the impact on women of color,” Celisa says. “We don’t always talk about how women of color make even less to the dollar than white men and women do. I want people’s feminism to be intersectional and inclusive.” 

On Twitter, Celisa (@celisa_mia) spreads that message. While reading a USA Today College article about young feminists to follow, she discovered that she’s making an impact. 

“I was scrolling through the article and all of a sudden I stopped when I saw my name,” she says. “I thought, Wait, how am I in this article? I’m not famous or anything. I don’t even have a lot of followers.” 

Followers or no, she’s been able to network with a giant community of influencers. “They challenge me to think differently about certain topics,” she says. “I’m still young, I’m still learning, and they help me understand things about feminism that I didn’t before.”