Idrissou Mora-Kpai had only taught at IC for one semester when Variety magazine named him to its annual Entertainment Education Impact Report, which recognizes the schools and professors that best prepare students for successful careers in the entertainment industry. 

He created a mini-course that will bring interested IC students to the Cannes International Film Festival to connect with industry professionals and help develop their careers. 

“International festivals like Cannes can expose American students to a diversity of voices from our heterogeneous world. Good cinema education must go hand in hand with an education in critical thinking and an open mind. Cinema is a vision, a certain way of conceiving the world. The more we know about this world, the more equipped we are.”

“I’m lucky to have talented students who make me want to teach, because of their openness, their curiosity and their passion for filmmaking, their maturity, and their creative spirit,” he adds. 

Idrissou says he is honored to be featured on the Variety magazine list and notes the contributions of the Park School’s faculty and staff.

“It is fruit of the leadership and the vision of Park School and IC administrators,” Idrissou says. “As a result of their efforts, our students and our alumni perpetuate the reputation of IC through their creative work and their professionalism.”