Social distancing is a necessary precaution, but if sitting alone in your room isn’t doing you good, come hear the music play (through your computer) courtesy of Zack Ford ’07.

Zack, an Alumni Association Board of Directors member and Washington, D.C.-based press secretary who also lends his talents as a piano accompanist and music director, conceived of launching the Coronavirus Cabaret online performance series once social distancing settled in as a worldwide way of life. 


“My mind immediately went to how I can help bring some joy to others to take their mind off their anxiety.” 

The series’ concept is straightforward: musicians provide Zack with sheet music, and Zack accompanies them on piano for a YouTube performance. “I started soliciting my many talented friends to see what would happen. As soon as the first video came in, I was delighted by how well the concept worked.”

In an incredibly short time span, the Coronavirus Cabaret has racked up the page views, and musicians both unknown and familiar to Zack as fellow IC alumni have been clamoring to participate. Inspired by the enthusiastic response to the series, Zack decided to make the cabaret a fundraising vehicle for The Actors Fund. “The Actors Fund works to protect folks in the entertainment industry, and with theatres closed, their efforts are more important than ever,” Zack shares. 

Interested in serenading others stuck at home? Simply email Zack with your song choice and sheet music.