Difference between Add/Drop and Withdraw from Classes

By Vikki Levine, January 20, 2022

With the start of the semester right around the corner let’s talk about the difference between add/drop and withdrawals.

Both deadlines are listed on the academic calendar.


Add/Drop is an option to all students in the FIRST WEEK of the semester. This is the time you can edit your schedule yourself and add or drop any courses in HomerConnect. If you drop any course(s) during this period, the course will not show on your transcript. It will be as if you were never registered for the course. Make sure you are in at least 12 credits for full time status. Additional information regarding full time and part time can be found at https://www.ithaca.edu/intercom/2021-11-15-part-time-or-full-time-whats-best-you.

Withdrawing from a course:

Withdrawing is very different from add/drop. Withdrawing can only be submitted after the last day of add/drop until the deadline date of a withdrawal. The last day to withdraw from a semester length course is going to be different from a withdraw from a Block I or Block II course.

To withdraw from a course, you would fill out the “Withdraw from a course” form on IC Workflow. Once the student submits the form it will go to the Dean’s office for an approval or denial. If it is approved, the student will be notified via their IC email, and it will be processed through the Registrar’s office.

 Unlike dropping from a course, the withdraw will be listed on your transcript as a “W.”  It will still show up on your course schedule but instead of showing up as “registered” it will reflect “withdraw.” If you decide to withdraw from a course, please contact Student Financial Services for further clarification about tuition.

If you decide to withdraw from a course as a full-time student but you are afraid that withdrawing would make you a part time student, the credits will still be applied toward your full-time status. Always check with your advisor and think about your graduation date before withdrawing from a class.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at regsitrar@ithaca.edu.