Default Mobile Phone Numbers Will Now be Used for Emergency Notification System Alerts

By News, August 8, 2023

Ithaca College Community,

To ensure that members of the Ithaca College community receive timely emergency alerts, Ithaca College will begin automatically adding mobile phone numbers for students, faculty, and staff to the IC Alert Emergency Notification System (ENS) by Rave. Phone numbers used for the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) system will be used for this enrollment. Members of the campus community may continue to provide additional numbers directly through Rave as desired.

The policy change to require a mobile number for the ENS and to use a previously provided mobile number for this purpose is based on current best practices for emergency notifications.

This allows the college to utilize multiple methods to reach out to all students, faculty, and staff with critical, time-sensitive information in the event of an emergency. These can include, but are not limited to, cancellation of classes due to severe weather conditions, a fire or chemical leak requiring the evacuation of a building or closing of a portion of the campus, or an ongoing criminal incident that requires members of the campus community to take action to ensure their safety.

By default, ENS messages also go to all active Ithaca College e-mail accounts as well as to faculty and staff office telephones listed in the campus directory.

There is no need to take any action in response to this change. All Ithaca College employees, students, and on-campus affiliates have been required to provide the college with, and regularly update, a valid mobile phone number in their SSPR profile. This number will now be used for IC Alert messages. If someone has not provided the required information, a mobile number given to the college for any purpose may be used by the college as their default number for use in IC Alert messages.

Members of the campus community will continue to have the option to include additional phone numbers in their Rave profile to use for emergency communications. However, the default number used for ENS purposes will be the number used by SSRP. Information on how to log in and update that SSPR number can be found in this IT Knowledge Base article.

All members of the campus community are also encouraged to download and install the free Rave Guardian safety app on their mobile device. The app provides an additional way to receive IC Alert notifications as well as quick access to a suite of personal safety tools and resources.

For more information, visit or contact the Information Technology Service Desk at or (607) 274-1000.


Samm Swarts
Assistant Director, Emergency Preparedness and Response
Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management