Dawn Pierce | Faculty Representative

Assistant Professor, Department of Performance Studies

What are some activities or groups you affiliate with that feel relevant to you?

I am in my tenth year as an assistant professor of voice in the Performance Studies area in the School of Music at Ithaca College. I maintain an active performing career in opera and am currently on the board of directors for Opera Ithaca and the advisory board for the International Performing Arts Institute.

What skillsets and perspective do you bring to the steering committee?

I am a proactive vision-oriented person who believes in collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

What motivated you to join the steering committee?

Ithaca College has had a huge part in forming who I am as I spent my formative years as an undergraduate here (Class of 97) and returned years later after many years of freelancing as a professional musician to start another level of education as a professor in academia. It is an exciting prospect to believe I can give back by having a voice in shaping the future of Ithaca College.

What is your major hope for the strategic planning effort?

I hope that the process of creating our strategic plan can truly be inclusive, where every voice is heard and reflected. Collecting and reviewing the desires and ideas of our community, remembering that we are truly better as the sum of our parts, is a privilege. I want us to be bold and innovative while still honoring the meaningful traditions and commitment to excellence. I hope we can refine our definition of excellence to encourage an experiential journey of experimentation, exploration, and engagement fostering the innovators of tomorrow.