Tiffany Valentin | Staff Representative

CSTEP Project Coordinator, State Grants Office

What are some activities or groups you affiliate with that feel relevant to you?

I currently sit on the on the CSTEP Statewide Student Conference Committee, Ithaca Firsts and Intercultural Career Connections Planning Committee. 

What skillsets and perspective do you bring to the steering committee?

I am a planner, thoughtful in decision-making processes and an extremely collaborative person. I love ensuring everyone has had their perspective heard and understood. I pay attention to the quality of services to ensure that we give our students the best education possible. 

What motivated you to join the steering committee?

I was motivated to join the steering committee to be a voice, for the students I work with and proactive in making this an amazing environment for all students, faculty and staff. 

What is your major hope for the strategic planning effort?

My major hope is that priorities are thoughtfully created and every IC community member is engaged and motivated to be a part of this effort. 

What do you love about Ithaca College that you hope will never change?

I love the sense of community at IC. Everyone has their unique story and perspective that has shaped the way they view the world and field they want to pursue. I hope that we also continue to build experiential learning into the curricula for all majors.