Investment in People, Place, Planet

Exploring initiatives that embrace a culture of innovation to support the mission of the college, and to develop our community and our world.

This workgroup will focus on how success at the college will come about through strategic investments in our people, our place, and our planet.  We must develop and empower our community to help us achieve our most strategic goals. 

The areas of focus for this working group will include:

  • Human Resources
  • Sustainability
  • The Campus


Bill Guerrero Vice President, Finance and Administration
Scott Erickson Professor and Chair, Marketing
Casey Kendall Executive Director, Applications and Infrastructure


Lis Chabot Staff
AnnaMarie Costa Student
Maura Donovan Staff
Sue-Je Gage Faculty
Belisa Gonzalez Faculty
Doreen Hettich-Atkins Staff
Beth Hulbert Staff
Raquel Jacobs Student
Sandy Kelley Staff
Anna Larsen Faculty
Clint McCartney Staff
Yuko Mulugetta Staff
Laurie Pancoast Staff
Ryan Price Student
David Prunty Staff
Mark Scaglione Student
Jess Shapiro Staff
Chris Sinton Faculty
Michael Smith Faculty
Ron Trunzo Staff
Gretchen Van Valen Staff
Mary Jo Watts Staff
Megan K. Williams Staff