The 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Campus-Wide Celebration

January 25, 2021 - January 28, 2021
A group of people are facing away from the camera and holding one hand in the air.  The person in focus is wearing two french braids and in their raised hand, between their thumb and pointer finger is a small pebble.
From Our MLK Scholars
Our 1st year scholars designed learning or support resources for our campus community based on a social justice or social change area of interest.
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This year's Celebration looks different.  COVID-19 has dramatically shifted our lives and in many ways brought much into focus that we struggled to prioritize.  We are in communities layered in grief, pain, and anxiety.  We are yearning for each other and the comfort togetherness provides.  And yet, we must keep our distance.  One might ask, 'is it celebration at all?'

Though all of our events are digital, they are still striving for intimacy.  This year's celebration is an opportunity for a new kind of introspection.  It can be an invitation to reflect on a year of struggle, to wrestle with unanswerable questions, to confront an uncertain future, and still find joy in the end.  

Using this Website

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Each event has a page which will provide more information as well as videos, readings, resources, and quotes to enrich your journey.  These event pages can be found on the left hand side when navigating from a computer, or the top under 'menu' when browsing on a phone.

Registering for events

All events are free and open to the public, just click the registration link! For those in the IC community we strongly encourage you to RSVP by logging onto Engage when viewing events.  As it can be very easy to lose track of time when everything is online, we also suggest adding events to your personal calendar so you do not miss them.


If you find you cannot make an event, that's ok!  We hope to add to this site after the celebration is over with recordings or links to recordings.  So be sure to check back and often!