Middle States Reaccreditation Self-Study Working Groups

We have created one working group dedicated to each of the seven Standards for Accreditation. Membership on working groups was by volunteers from the campus community in response to an all-college invitation in 2015.

Standard I: Mission & Goals

  • Co-Chair John Barr, Professor of Computer Science
  • Co-Chair Leah Richards, Engagement Systems Specialist for Advancement Services
  • Beth Hulbert
  • Dawn Kline
  • Jacqueline Robilotta
  • Johnathon Couce
  • Craig Duncan
  • Sarah Loeffler

Standard II: Ethics & Integrity

  • Co-Chair Susan Bassett. Director of Athletics)
  • Co-Chair Barbara Morgenstern, Associate Professor of Media Arts, Sciences & Studies
  • Clint McCartney
  • Calida Barboza
  • Leslie Shelhamer
  • Dennis Charksy
  • Ciara Lucas
  • Kyle Stewart
  • Shaianne Osterreich

Standard III: Design and Delivery of Student Learning Experience

  • Co-Chair Nicole Eversley-Bradwell, Director of Admissions
  • Co-Chair Scott Erickson, Professor and Chair of Marketing & Law
  • Samantha Stafford
  • Matt Thomas
  • Catrina Decker
  • Don Austin
  • Hongwei Guan
  • Thomas Horgan

Standard IV: Support of the Student Experience

  • Co-Chair Michele Lenhart, Director of Student Leadership & Involvement, OSEMA
  • Co-Chair Deborah Martin, Professor and Chair of Music Performance
  • Hormoz Movassaghi
  • David Prunty
  • Barbie Bargher
  • Sally Neal
  • Jennifer Wofford
  • Everett Schierenbeck

Standard V: Educational Effectiveness Assessment

  • Co-Chair Lis Chabot, College Librarian
  • Co-Chair Julie Dorsey, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy, Faculty Trustee
  • Mai An Rumney
  • Brendan Murday
  • Doreen Hetthich-Atkins
  • Theresa Radley
  • Judith Pena-Shaff
  • Thomas Horgan
  • Marlena Candelario Romero

Standard VI: Planning Resources and Institutional Improvement

  • Co-Chair Marc Israel, Assistant Provost for Finance & Administrative Operations
  • Co-Chair Susan Swensen Witherup, Professor of Biology
  • Stacia Zabusky
  • John Rosenthal
  • Maria Haner
  • Noelle Bartolis
  • Catherine Proulx
  • Josie Hover
  • Craig Cummings

Standard VII: Governance, Leadership, and Administration

  • Co-Chair Tim Carey, Associate Vice President, Office of Facilities)
  • Co-Chair Stanley Seltzer, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Kristina Shanton
  • Michelle Manning
  • Cara Nichols
  • Sarah Kane
  • Marieme Foote
  • Lynn Hyde
  • Diane Long
  • Jack Powers
  • Carlie McCinsley
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