Ithaca College Diversity Fellowship Program

The Ithaca College Diversity Fellowship Program was initially created in 2010 in the School of Humanities and Sciences to increase the racial and ethnic diversity of Ithaca College faculty and, in so doing, bring fresh perspectives to the College’s curriculum and the learning experiences offered to students. Having served as a successful model for recruiting and retaining underrepresented faculty, the program, now in its tenth year, has welcomed 29 fellows to campus, including both dissertation and postdoctoral diversity fellows.

During the one-year term of the Dissertation Diversity Fellowship, fellows teach one course per semester, participate in one forum per semester related to their research and dissertation projects, and work to complete their dissertations. Fellows will work with their departments to establish their teaching schedule, which may include introductory-level courses, to enrich their viability as candidates for future positions, or developing their own new course, as a way of broadening curricular offerings.  More generally the program offers support that is often critical for graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds to move forward in the completion of their degrees and the enhancement of their careers. 

Postdoctoral Diversity Fellows teach two courses per semester over the two-year term of the program.  Postdoctoral fellows gain early career teaching experience in a supportive environment to prepare them for a teaching career, and the limited teaching load enables them an opportunity to jump-start their scholarly work. The program provides support and mentoring which can be critical in supporting early-career faculty from underrepresented backgrounds to advance their careers successfully.

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