The health and well-being of Ithaca College community members are a priority for the College, not only here on campus, but also while abroad. World events are unpredictable; therefore, a travel registry is warranted to advise us of where you are in case of an emergency and to aid in communication should you need assistance.

Ithaca College asks all faculty and staff traveling internationally on official College business to register their travel on this site. In addition, we encourage students traveling internationally on independent/leisure travel (not associated with a formal study abroad program) to use this registry so the College is aware of all community members abroad at any given time. Please note that the Ithaca College International Health and Security Plan is only available to community members traveling on official college business.

Be aware that the personal information collected will be used ONLY if an emergency situation should arise in or near your destination(s). (Note: Information pertaining to your destination(s) will be anonymously shared with the College insurance carrier.)

Please read through all of the information carefully. It covers the benefits you gain when you register your international trip with us, such as:

  • important health and safety information;

  • Ithaca College international health and security insurance plan coverage (this plan is separate from the standard domestic Aetna plans and is only available to community members traveling on official college business);

  • critical steps you should take if you are faced with an emergency evacuation while you are abroad.

Should you have any questions during your review of the presented material or during the registration process, please contact our office at 607-274-3306, or by email at