Prospective Students

Studying abroad is more than an opportunity to continue your degree away from your home campus. As well as attending classes which fulfill requirements for your major and/or your general education requirements, studying abroad is an education in a different culture. Ithaca's London Center is a college fixture, having been established in 1972. Our program combines academic rigor with travel and experiential learning. Most lecturers use London itself as a teaching tool, taking students out of the classroom and into galleries, museums, markets, parks and many of the other sites that make London such a unique and metropolitan city.

Studying at the ICLC affords students the opportunity to approach their classes from a British perspective. Classes meet once or twice a week, Monday through Thursday, no classes on Fridays, and are taught based on the British model of higher education. We also have an internship program in which students gain work experience throughout the course of the term in a British workplace. This unique opportunity lets students immerse themselves in British life and culture at the same time as gaining useful professional experience. Weekends are opportunities to attend plays, sporting events, walks, travel abroad, explore the UK and much more. The ICLC also offers 3-4 short weekend trips during the term which are led by staff. Destinations in recent terms have included Avebury, Glastonbury, Wells, Bath, Stonehenge, Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Classes offered vary from term to term, but there is always something for everyone- sociology, literature, business, sport, history, music, communications and drama classes run almost every semester. Our Drama Program, established in the 1970's, is one of the Center's most renowned programs with classes on offer to both theater and non-theater majors alike. Most notably, these classes attend many plays throughout the term and expose students to new and different theater. We also have an Honors program (offered as a full course in the fall) that is continuing to develop.

One unique aspect of the ICLC is that the majority of our students choose to house themselves. We maintain contact with landlords and estate agents that previous students have used and support our students through their first week in London, spent finding a flat to live in for their four month stay. Though daunting initially, most students look back on the flat hunt as a rewarding experience, as well as integral to their cultural education. This option allows students to control the amount that they pay in rent during the term, and is often more cost effective than prearranged housing. Having said as much, some students prefer the security of prearranging and being able to unpack their bags the day they arrive.

For further information about the practical aspects of studying at the ICLC follow our links to applying online, our internship program, scholarships, and housing.

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