The Ithaca College London Center courses are designed as study abroad courses. This means that teaching and learning take place in three arenas: In the London Center classrooms; in the city (at theatres, museums, and city tours); and on college sponsored trips to places like Stratford-upon-Avon, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Bath.

Our curriculum is unique in that it combines both cutting edge courses of great contemporary relevance, such as: Contemporary British Politics; Contemporary British Fiction; British Youth Culture; as well as our traditional cultural core of Drama and the London Theatre; Music in London; British Comedy; and British Art and Architecture. Mixing courses from the cultural core with those dedicated to cutting edge issues offers the best of both worlds. Students can also add an internship to make their London academic experience even more relevant and rewarding.

Our lecturers bring a British approach to teaching and British expectations about learning. Along with our four-day teaching week, the teaching and learning styles require students to develop greater independence as learners. You will find that courses in London meet less frequently but for longer hours each time. Most of our classes meet just once a week, much as they do in British universities and in graduate school. You will see less of your professors and therefore attendance at the weekly meetings (especially if they involve out of classroom learning) is absolutely vital for success.

The classroom in London is the city itself: resources are scattered throughout the metropolis. The best library for art history papers might be a tube ride away; careful planning is required because libraries close early and they will not be opened on Sundays. Theatre outings require students to negotiate the public transport system and get to the venue on time. Furthermore, with only one class meeting a week, the professor will expect required reading to be done before each meeting. Academic success during a study abroad experience requires good time management skills and good student discipline. Independent learners must have the discipline to overcome the many distractions of London living and European travel opportunities. While we do not have classes on Fridays, they are not “free” days. We use some Fridays for all-college trips and for internships.

You will find that you grow tremendously as a student and as a person by being challenged to set your own limits and to manage your time effectively, while studying overseas in an independent learning environment. You will come away from your time at the London Center with new-found confidence and a broader outlook on your college studies and future career options. And, you will stand out among the crowds as someone who has had the determination, flexibility and willingness to be challenged and transformed that you both need and learn while studying in a foreign country.

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