Michael Fowler '08

Panelist: Sound Design, Foley, and Automated Dialog Replacement for Film & Television

Michael Fowler developed and opened New York’s first mobile ADR studio, Mobile Mikes, in 2012. As chief engineer and ADR mixer at Mobile Mikes, he counts among his credits television shows including Law and Order: SVU, Gotham, Blindspot, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. His ardent obsession with microphones and the challenge of regularly recording in new spaces drives his love for delivering great sounding ADR in any environment. After graduating from Ithaca College’s sound recording technology program in 2008, Michael was hired as an ADR and foley recordist and later mixer at Soundtrack Studios in New York City, working under mentors such as Doug Murray, Bob Chefalas, and Tom Fleischman. While at Soundtrack Studios, he noticed that it was becoming more difficult for actors to find time to come into the studio to record ADR and had the idea to take the studio to them. After many nights of building the first mobile ADR rig on the kitchen floor in his studio apartment, he created Mobile Mikes. Michael lives in New York City with his wife, Danielle, and dog, @arniepalmernyc, and plays in bluegrass jam every Sunday night in Astoria.