Panel Discussions

The Business of Music and Sound for Picture

This panel addresses the broad business and legal considerations associated with placing music in films and television programs.

Panelists: Attorneys, Managers, and Business Affairs Professionals

Panel Guests: Wayne Josel, Joe Riccitelli, Ronald Bienstock, & Adam Lowenberg

View from the Director’s Chair – Why Music and Sound Design Matter

This panel highlights the issues that directors consider when deciding how sound design and music are used in their films and television programs.

Panelists: Film and television directors

Panel Guests: Brian O'Hare & Aya Tanimura

Sound Design, Foley, and ADR for Film and Television

These presentations explore the art as well as the technical process of creating effective sound design, foley, and dialogue replacement.

Presenters: Sound design, foley, and ADR artists

Panel guests: Shelley RodenMichael Fowler

Music Composition for Film and Television

This panel explores the musical composition process for film and television projects.

Panelists: Music composers and performers

Panel guests: Jesse Paris Smith, John Nau, Judy Hyman, & Reed Hays

Music Supervision and Music Licensing for Film and Television

This panel examines the process of selecting and licensing an artist’s music for use in a film, television show, or commercial.

Panelists: Music publishers, licensing professionals, music supervisors

Panel guests: Allie Krummann & Will VanDyke

Mixing for Film and Television

These presentations reveal the music editing and mixing process for film and television.

Presenters: Music mixers, audio engineers, and sound editors

Panel guests: Nick Renbeck, Josh Winget, James David Redding, Ira Spiegel, Josh Berger, Martin Czembor, & Tom Fleischman

Professional Development for the Music and Screen Industries

The final panel of the conference outlines the attributes and work ethic that aspiring professionals need to be successful in the music and film industries.

Panelists: Various panelists and presenters who participated in the conference