Students will take two courses during their time in London. Please note: course selection is tentative and subject to change based on instructor availability and student interest. (Not all courses will be offered if there isn’t sufficient student interest.)

Art in London
(ARTH-21600, 3 credits) (LA) (Attributes: CA, HM, TIDE, TIII)
This course focuses on modern and contemporary art currently on view in London. In addition to providing an overview of the history of modern and contemporary art, it also introduces students to London's art world: from its public and private museums, galleries, and art spaces to contemporary debates on the arts. The course will largely be hands-on, with field trips to make use of London's distinctive setting and opportunities. Course topics change to include current exhibitions and events in London. Satisfies the "art, visual culture, or architecture after the year 1750" requirement in the major.

(ENGL-21900, 3 credits) (LA) (Attributes: HM, TIDE, TIII)
Study of six to eight Shakespeare plays, as examples both of the way dramatic literature works and of the achievement of the greatest of English writers. Since plays vary each semester, this course may be repeated once for credit. Students are required to attend plays.

Sports in the United Kingdom
(SPMM-39901, 3 credits) (NLA)
The course is designed to introduce students to various sports and games played in and around the United Kingdom. In addition to attending various sporting events, students will also learn about the important role each sport plays in English life.

Drama and the London Theatre
(THEA-34800, 3 credits) (LA)
Prerequisites: Junior standing
A study of drama and performance involving current productions on the London stage. Critical analysis of the texts prior to performance. The course may be repeated once for credit.

Photographic Currents
(CNPH-30700, 3 Credits) (LA)
This course introduces key concepts and debates in contemporary photography, en route to an extended focus on particular genres, ideas and national practices within the contemporary visual arts. An emphasis on European, African, and Asian image-makers will be enhanced by visits to gallery and museum exhibitions and collections in London.

London, People, and the Planet
(ENVS-20900, 3 credits) (Attributes: SC, QSF)
The world today is facing a series of global crisis. Climate change, water scarcity, deforestation, health, mass migration and economic slowdown are just but a few. People across the world face these challenges in different ways. In the UK, London has traditionally been a hub for debate, research, and incubator for innovative solutions. This course aims to examine how these complex issues are interrelated and how people in London connect with their communities, their workplace, and the planet.