Parliament building and Big Ben.
Founded in 1972
Ithaca College London Center
The London Center is IC's longest-running study abroad program, offering coursework combined with exciting international experiences and internships.

In 1972 the first group of adventurous Ithaca College students traveled to England.  Today the Ithaca College London Center - among the longest-standing US-based study abroad programs in London - continues to welcome students for a semester or summer of learning and adventure.  The London Center staff and faculty have years of experience helping students negotiate the ins and outs of life in Great Britain. 

Ithaca's base in London is an elegant restored Victorian house in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  The London Center houses classrooms, a small library, and a comfortable common lounge, as well as 2 computer labs with internet access and wireless internet access for laptop users.  Our site is an ideal jumping-off point for exploring London, just a 3 minute walk to the nearest tube station.  The Victoria & Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, Hyde Park,  Kensington Gardens, and the famous department store Harrods are all within walking distance.

Whether your interest lies in medieval music or the European Union, Hamlet or BBC News 24, Oscar Wilde or Zadie Smith, London offers a wealth of opportunities.  Classroom learning comes alive as you experience British life and culture firsthand.  You will explore abbeys and cathedrals, visit the neighborhoods where John Keats and Virginia Woolf once lived, sample British economics while doing an internship at the London office of a mulitnational corporation.  Or you may read Charles Dickens and prowl the back alleys where the "artful dodger" and Oliver Twist once roamed.

As a student at the London Center, you can combine an American course of undergraduate study with an array of exciting international experiences.  Course offerings range from business and communications to the fine arts, humanities and social sciences.  Internship placements are available to students seeking international work experience and a more comprehensive immersion into British culture.  No matter what your personal and academic interests, the Ithaca College London Center delivers stimulating and rewarding opportunities.

Special London Center Programming

Theatre Program
Learn more about the chance to experience the rich dramatic heritage of one of the world's great theatrical capitals.
Internship Program
Learn more about gaining valuable international internship while spending a semester in London.
Summer Program
Learn more about the exciting opportunity to study at the London Center during the summer.

The London Center Mission derives from the Vision and Mission of Ithaca College and specifically addresses the goal of Ithaca Forever to underscore the continuum of theory, practice, and performance. The London Center is an active student-centered environment that fosters development of the intellect, creativity, and character in the context of international, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic London.

The London Center is situated in a global destination that expands student independence, self-confidence, and awareness of themselves as engaged citizens within a vibrant international community. The Center enables students to connect theory and practice by facilitating cultural internships as well as co-/extra- curricular activities that use London as the classroom. In addition, students are exposed to different teaching and learning styles that inform the global workforce. The London Center allows students to prepare academically, professionally, and personally to contribute towards the achievement of equity and sustainability for all who share this planet.

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