Amplify Your Skills and Contacts through Internships

Julia Damesek at Her Internship

Aspiring to create a career in creative advertising, Julia Damesek is pursuing a degree in APRMC (formerly known as IMC) with a minor in Graphic Design. Going into her senior year, she is completing an internship at the Estée Lauder Companies with Tom Ford Beauty. From day one, Damesek was creating out of home advertisements, editing digital content, and pitching ideas to design directors. At the end of the summer, she had the opportunity to show her final project to the Tom Ford Beauty global team, where she displayed her designs of consumer retention emails.

Internships Everywhere

One of the great things about APRMC is that students can find internships in almost any geographic location. Every company, school, place of worship, and non-profit has a website and/or social media account, holds events, and communicates with customers and donors. Many students begin with internships right here in Ithaca, helping our college marketing and communications group with social media take-overs or doing PR for local theaters and business development incubators.

There are many opportunities at large agencies in places like NYC—many of which are paid or sponsored by grants. Students can also take advantage of our semester program in Los Angeles, where they can work for agencies that promote TV shows and films, and for industry groups like the Television Academy Foundation, where they can help to design and manage large events such as the Emmys.

Read more about our internship resources here.

Professor Chrissy Guest with Student Interns at the TV Academy Foundation

Internships at our Los Angeles program are fascinating and fruitful. Students have all day to work at internships, giving them the experience and responsibilities of a full-time job while taking two courses in the late afternoon or evening to round out their course schedules. The Television Academy Foundation is one of many internship sponsors where APRMC students can leverage their knowledge and skills.