Sustainability Communications Manager at Cornell University

Sarah Brylinski became fascinated with the concept of sustainability while she was a student at Ithaca College and became heavily involved in IC's sustainability efforts, speaking at national conferences before she even graduated. She put this passion together with the skills in communications strategy she learned in her CMD major, and her first job out of college was working at Dickinson College in sustainability education. She then moved on to Second Nature, a non-profit dedicated to climate resilience education, and then to MIT. She currently leads Cornell University's Sustainability Communications and Business Practices Integration. 

Brylinski says, "My work focuses on transforming higher education through strategic planning and governance, engaged learning and research, and living laboratory engagement to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century and model the transitions necessary to create a just and sustainable society for all. As a strategic communications specialist, I bring an emphasis to systems planning, project management, and the appropriate use of communications technology and web interface to this workeducation today happens with transformative pedagogy, resilient technology, and transmedia design. As a consultant on strategic sustainable development, I have worked with talented clients around the world including Disney, Xbox, Ebay, Paramount Pictures, former heads of state, and numerous educational institutions in the United States, Canada, and Eastern Europe."

In addition to her B.S. in CMD, Brylinski later completed our online M.S. in Communications Innovation.